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Tutorial: Colorful Waterfall Charts in Excel

How to make this:

Look like this:


Quick Tip: Hack Your Myspace Friends Count

I don’t know if anyway uses myspace anymore, but I came across a pretty cool CSS trick the other day that I thought I’d post here.


Tutorial: Create an RSS Feed For a Single Author of Your Blogger Blog Using Yahoo Pipes and Import It into Facebook

One thing I have always found kind of annoying about blogger is that you can’t get RSS feeds for a particular label or author. Today, I wanted to import my hackaddict posts into Facebook Notes, but I didn’t want to take credit for my sister’s work, so I had to come up with a way to make an RSS Feed of only the posts I authored.


Quick Tip: Delete the Contents of a File without Removing and Recreating It

I had to clear out some log files on one of the iminlikewithyou servers yesterday, but I didn’t want to delete and recreate the files because I thought that might screw up permissions. I’d been meaning to learn how to zero out a file to empty contents for a while, so I took this opportunity to figure it out.


UPDATE: Stream iTunes on the Wii

I’ve been in contact with the people from Codewave, the makers of MyTunesRSS, and it seems like they are planning an update to make their software more Wii friendly. I suggested to make the fonts and icons larger for easier usability/readability.


Google Launches "PowerPoint" (Slideshow Feature)

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Quick Tip: Keyboard Shortcut to go to Your del.icio.us Bookmarks in Firefox

We’ve talked about the del.icio.us firefox plugin in other posts, but I just discovered another awesome feature: there’s a keyboard shortcut to take you straight to your delicious home page. Just hit ⌘ . (shift + command + .) to go to your delicious bookmarks. Once you’re there, a good way to search your tags is with the apostrophe quick find in Firefox.


Quick Tip: Preview CSS Stylesheets in Textmate without an HTML Page

For each website that I make a new CSS stylesheet for, I typically make a preview page that looks something like this:

<h2>This is an h2</h2>


Tutorial: Automount a Samba Drive when at Certain Locations ie Home

I have a lot of digital music and movies. In fact, it’s at the point where I decided that I needed a home a media server because my external hard drive was just not cutting it anymore. I decided to build a Linux box running Xubuntu because of the versatility and stability Linux provides, and I found a how to article a few weeks back on Digg which outlined the entire process.


Creating a Facebook API Documentation Browser and Learning Some Ruby

I’ve been working on the iminlikewithyou Facebook app over the past few days, and I found myself wasting a lot of time on the FBML Documentation Page. It’s kind of hard to navigate and there is no concise list of all the tags.

I decided to make a better way to browse the documentation and practice my ruby one liners at the same time. This is the place I always use as a guide when I need to write a quick ruby one liner: http://www.fepus.net/ruby1line.txt

First I downloaded the html source for the FBML Documentation page. After a quick look, I could see that all the FBML tags were enclosed in <h4> tags, so I began by first trying to mimic this grep search:

grep -noe ‘<h4>.*</h4>’ fbml_doc.html

This prints something like