One thing I have always found kind of annoying about blogger is that you can’t get RSS feeds for a particular label or author. Today, I wanted to import my hackaddict posts into Facebook Notes, but I didn’t want to take credit for my sister’s work, so I had to come up with a way to make an RSS Feed of only the posts I authored.

To do this, I used Yahoo Pipes, a pretty cool tool for mixing / manipulating / mashing up RSS and atom feeds. First, I made a new Pipe and used the Fetch Feed tool to add as a source the hackaddict feed:

Then, I piped this through the Filter Operator and blocked out items written by jenny. (I also could have done the opposite and permitted items only by me. That’s how you would do it if there were more than 2 authors and you wanted only one person’s posts.)

Then I just sent this into Pipe Output, Saved, and published everything, and I had an RSS feed of my posts:

(<h4>My thoughts on pipes</h4>

It’s pretty cool and powerful, but a bit difficult to figure out. Also, it would be nice if they provided a way to use the tool programmatically without the GUI. Definitely worth checking out, but only if you have some time on your hands.


To import into Facebook Notes, you need to click the Notes Application in your sidebar, then Edit Import Settings under Notes Settings in the right sidebar of the Notes Page. Once there, you just enter in an RSS feed url, and your blog posts will be imported as Notes on Facebook.