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DIY Straw: Twizzler = Candy Straw

I went to the movies with a friend of mine today and we got some Twizzlers and waters. I randomly ask him if he’s ever used a twizzler as a straw and he says no. So I make one. Here’s a quick tutorial for the utilitarian treat:


DIY Tivo - Mythbox

Today I'm going to fill you guys in on how to build your own Tivo aka Mythbox. It's a great Christmas present ~ people love DIY stuff and it's a freakin DVR! Some advantages of a Mythbox over a Tivo include:


Quick Tip: Sharing Files Between 2 Macs

So I showed my brother this quick and painless way to share files between two macs and he was floored. He immediately told me to write a blog post about it so he could use it for reference. This can be done wirelessly or wired (if you do it wired just run a regular network cable between the two computers).


Perfect Name for a Coffee Shop

So I come to a coffee shop this evening to get some studying done and meet some guy to get a copy of Tiger. I walk in, put my stuff down, and go order a coffee. I get back to my chair and set everything up, pull out my marketing book and start reading. About five minutes into reading a waitress walks up to a different table and gives them a cup of wine and a glass of beer. That’s right, beer…delicious beer.