So I come to a coffee shop this evening to get some studying done and meet some guy to get a copy of Tiger. I walk in, put my stuff down, and go order a coffee. I get back to my chair and set everything up, pull out my marketing book and start reading. About five minutes into reading a waitress walks up to a different table and gives them a cup of wine and a glass of beer. That’s right, beer…delicious beer.

After I’m able to speak again I pull the waitress aside and ask her if they do indeed serve beer. She confirms my suspicions and asks if I want one. I take one look at my marketing book and tell her sure, why not. So I end up ordering two rolling rocks for six bucks. I’m halfway through the first one, my productivity has dropped to zero, and I have determined I have found the best coffee shop ever. It’s like being in Amsterdam in the middle of ATL.

Anyways, the “coffee” shop is named Nirvana. They couldn’t have chosen a more perfect name.

Lesson for the day ~ ALWAYS read the menu: