Pocket CM is hands down the coolest contact manager available for windows mobile phones. Many of you are probably familar with Contact Manager, well Pocket CM is Contact manager older brother and the good news is that it no longer relies on the .net framework.

The most notiable changes between Contact Manager and Pocket CM I’ve noticed are:

  • Pocket CM is a hell of a lot faster
  • Pocket CM's contact list is divided into letter categories
  • Pocket CM's interface is prettier and runs smoother
  • Pocket CM's has intergrated text messaging including a keyboard and a message threader (and the animation that brings you to the SMS screen is pretty slick). The new SMS is by far the best improvement -- Very cool!

Overall, Pocket CM is a huge jump from Contact Manager and leaps and bounds away from the default windows contact manager program. I highly recommend downloading Pocket CM and giving it a whirl.

Pocket CM can be downloaded here.