Since yesterday I posted about something I made at work, I thought it was only fair to post where I work today. I will try to give you guys a feel for what I do and the equipment I use. For starters, we run Windows XP on some Compaq computers that we got on “FIRESALE.” I mean how can you turn down a firesale? To layout our designs we use Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw X3.

We have four Universal Lasers, three with 24x12 beds and one with a 24x18 bed.

(Our laser room, four lasers right in a row)

The material I used yesterday was a standard plastic material we use for things like name badges and signs. We have tons of different color combinations.

Alright, now for the fun part. I took some videos earlier today of how the lasers actually work. Hopefully this will clarify the difference between cut lines and normal engraving.

Here is the laser doing normal engraving:

Here is the laser making cut lines:

Here I am lifting the snowmen out after they are done. Notice how they just fall out: