So today while I was perusing The Apple Blog I read in one of the comments about an application, BluePhoneElite, for OS X that takes advantage of both your phone’s and computer’s blue tooth connection by integrating your phone with your computer applications. It can do things like pause iTunes or DVD player when an incoming call or SMS message is received, or you can even iChat to respond to an SMS message.

One of the interesting features was “proximity behaviors” which were described as:

"BluePhoneElite can detect when your phone enters and exits range of your computer, even when the phone is disconnected. BluePhoneElite can start and stop the screen saver or pause and un-pause iTunes and DVD Player. It can even set your iChat away message or run a custom AppleScript!"

I wouldn’t mind my computer waking up from sleep when I walked into the room and even launching Firefox or something. I’m sure the proximity feature can be used in a lot of interesting ways depending on the creativity of the user (Please post your ideas to comments).

I’m not sure if it’s worth the $20 price tag yet, but I’m giving it a whirl. I’m always up for trying novelty products like this and don’t mind throwing down a bit of cash for them.

BluePhoneElite can be downloaded here.