UPDATE: Got a cease and desist from the piscel people. If you want a cab you’‘re going to have to find it on your own. It’s awesome software though!

So after I made my Windows mobile phone look like an iPhone, it was time to make it act like one. Most of the applications were easy to mimic thanks to Google, but the Safari browser was something else. It’s ability to display a webpage like a regular computer is definately slick and something I wanted to be able to mimic.

After a little research I found out that Microsoft is developing a browser that is VERY similar to the Safari browser for the iPhone. Unfortunately, it’s currently in beta testing and the activation code is checked every time the browser launches (no hacking here folks). The browser is code named Deepfish and you can read more about it here (there’s also a cool video).

After realizing I couldn’t get Deepfish I decided to find another solution: enter Picsel. Picsel is a web and document browser with awesome dynamic zooming and panning capabilities that can view Excel, Word, PowerPoint, text documents, and PDF’s. Picsel was originally preloaded on Palm devices and until recently was not available for download.

Although web pages look awesome on it, Picsel does not have download capabilities and does not support JavaScript, Flash, and Java which is a bummer. I am currently giving Picsel a whirl, and I must say I love it. Even though it has it’s limitations, pages look much nicer on Picsel and load a heck of a lot faster to boot! So far Picsel gets a double thumbs up in my book.