Ever since I got my LCD TV and surround sound I have been watching a lot of avi movies and TV shows from my mac routed to my TV and stereo without any problems. Along comes Quicktime 7.2, not too many changes so it shouldn’t be a big problem, all my videos should work flawlessly right? NOPE! AVI files no longer load in a timely manner if they load at all. So I’m stuck with tons of movies to watch and no way to watch them unless I download another player or fix Quicktime.

After a quick Google search I found this article that explains my exact problem. They reccomend downloading downloading Perian, “a free, open source QuickTime component that adds native support for many popular video formats. This will bypass QuickTime’s built-in AVI playing routines, and allow them to be played with the alternative components.”

After downloading it my AVI files once again load immediately. I highly recommend downloading Perian.

Click here to download Perian.