After being under constant pressure from my brother I just started using delicious about a month ago. The best way to describe the site is an online bookmark management catalog; instead of saving your bookmarks (favorites) directly to your browser and onto your computer’s hard drive you tag your favorites and save them online.

After a month’s use this is what I’ve learned (if you guys have any cool tips please let me know):

  • Get the firefox plugin immediately.
  • Don't be afraid to make new tags. When I first started using I wanted to keep my tags to a minimum so they would be easier to search. It's actually much easier to assign each link with a few tags because you can search it for it easier (There is a heiarchly search system. If I had something tagged both design and photo, I could first click my design tag and then click my photo tag and only things with both tags will come up).
  • Use your friends. Look at what you friends are reading or subscribe to a feed of their links by going to their delicious page at: friend's user name
  • Send links to your friends have links sent to you. Use the tag "for:your friend's user name" when you find something interesting and it will appear in their inbox the next time your friend logs into their account and will remain there until they look at it.
  • Use as a search engine. If you want information on "baseball" search for baseball in If pulls it up other PEOPLE have tagged "baseball." By using as a search engine you are provided with one more filter (which is a human) and you know the content is more relevant than a Google search for the same term (after all Google does get paid to rank sites higher that may or may not
  • If you have a blog use the "auto publish my bookmarks" option (there will be a post on how to do this sometime this weekend or next week).
  • Check out 150 hacks here. Pretty good resource for those of with our own webpages, blogs, myspace, or facebook page.

That’s all the tips I can think of right now. I really love and am glad I took the time to learn how to use it (all ten minutes of it).