I’m a fairly busy individual who’s organizational skills are about as a good as a koala’s. Thankfully for me Gmail calendar has the ability to text message me reminders.

First you need to set up Gcalendar so it can send you messages:

  1. Click on Gcalendar’s “settings” tab

  2. Click on “notifications”

  3. On the lower half of the notifications window there is a section called “nofity me on my cell phone.”

  4. Ok, all you have do now is select your country, enter in your phone number, and select your cell phone carrier from a pull down menu. After you have entered in all your information click “send verification code.”

  5. In about one minute you will get a text message from Google with a number in it. Take the number they sent you and enter it into the “Verification Code” spot under the “notify my on my cell phone” section of the notification set up for Gcalendar.

  6. If you did everything correctly your status should now be “Phone number succesffully validated.”

Now, making events message you:

  1. Create a new event on one of of your Gcalendars

  2. Click “edit event details.”

  3. Under the “options”section set the reminder time to something other than 10 minutes (I usually set it to a day).

  4. Click “save” at the bottom of the page. Google will send you a text message at the time you specified.