After seeing a YouTube video of the new beta of Parallels running in coherence mode I knew it was time to upgrade. The lore of the ability to launch windows applications seemingly natively in OS X was just too powerful.

Upon installing Parallels and getting a copy of XP running I was very excited to see coherence in action. It looked simple enough, just click the coherence button and my computer would automatically morph into a windows application launcher. However, life it not that simple and neither is parallels. I would click the coherence button and nothing would happen. After a couple hours of tinkering I finally found an option called “Install Parallels Tools” under the “Actions” menu.

After a quick Google search apparently it is crucial to install the Parallels tools feature for coherence to work properly. Once the tools were installed and the system restarted I once again clicked the coherence button and to my shock and delight with the turn of the screen my start menu was now at the bottom of my OS X window.