While talking about a convention that one of my friends had recently attended I unintentionally discovered Vista Print, a website that will print business cards for people for free. My friend had handed me a card, which admittly looked pretty lame, but when I turned it over it had a website called Vista Printing advertised on the back. I asked why it was there and he told me that the company prints business cards for free with the stipulation that they get to put their website on the back.

I was pretty impressed so I immediately booted up the Macbook Pro and checked out the site. Turns out you can’t upload your own design and all the premade ones look like they were created in MS Publisher. I decided to go with the blank one because it is the most asthetically pleasing. So now we’ll just wait and see if they come (and when they do I’ll take a picture and upload it for everyone).

So far the service looks pretty good. It’s always nice to get something for free and the advertising on these cards is as unobtrusive as it could be.

Little screen shot of the site for you guys (I thought the “Free Business Card….Pricing” was pretty funny):