I have to admit, I had high expectations for the Pandora ATL meetup and I was not disappointed. After introducing himself Tim dove right into the good stuff by explaining that the meetups began about a year ago with the first one in New York and had only two attendants. The meetups have since grown exponentially and are actually where Tim gets a lot of ideas for improving Pandora’s service.

The style of the meetup was laid back with people simply interjecting questions every so often and Tim joking around a lot of the time; it felt more like a group discussion then a lecture. One of the most interesting parts of the meeting were the polls; every so often Tim would ask a question about a new feature and then ask for a show of hands of people who would like it. The polls really made it feel like Tim was listening and wanted our earnest opinions on what to do/not to do. He stressed the entire time that people like us are the reason that Pandora has been such a success.

After about two hours the meeting concluded, but Tim stayed another hour or so answering individual questions and posing for pictures. Everyone that attended got a Pandora shirt and a great evening.

All and all it was a very fun evening and I would recommend attending to anyone who is lucky enough to have it come to their town.

***I took pictures with my new digital camera, but none of them turned out. Don’t buy a Nikon Coolix S9 it cannot take pictures with low lighting conditions.