After thinking a bit more about the Hacker Save vs Hacker Proof Incident (read the backstory here) that Scott Jordan of SeV spoke about in Twit 104, I realized the Hacker Safe guys had a great business model and then came up with a better one myself.

Introducing… the<h4>“No h4x0rs Allowed” Site Badge</h4><h5>About</h5>

Let your users know you take security seriously by placing this badge at the bottom of each of your pages. Our studies have shown that users are more likely to make credit card purchases and enter private or sensitive personal information when they see the “No h4x0rs Allowed” Site Badge.

How It Works

The “No h4x0rs Allowed” Site Badge kills 2 birds with one stone (excuse the cliche, but it’s apt).

First, it discourages hackers. When a h4x0r with malicious intent visits your site and sees the “No h4x0rs Allowed” Site Badge, he’ll instantly respect you for being 1337 enough to sport a badge with the word h4x0r on it. Knowing that you’re in with the 1337, he’ll find some other site to attack.

Second, when lay-people or your regular users visit your site, they’ll recognize the measures you’ve taken to discourage malicious activity and browse more confidently.

Rate Plans and Features

There are 3 levels of “No h4x0rs Allowed” Site Badge Security:


The basic version costs $1.50 and provides a high level of h4x0r deterrence.


The pro version of “No h4x0rs Allowed” Site Badge reads “No h4x0rs Allowed!” By adding an exclamation point, you can let h4x0rs you really mean business. “No h4x0rs Allowed” Site Badge Pro costs $3.77.


Enterprise level “No h4x0rs Allowed” Site Badge uses the double !. If anyone hacks your site after seeing this, probably nothing can protect you. Enterprise level “No h4x0rs Allowed” Site Badge costs $9.95.

On, we of course use the enterprise version because we value our readership.


Basic: $1.75

Pro: $3.77

Enterprise: $9.95


After purchasing “No h4x0rs Allowed” Site Badge you can install the software by doing either of the following: (1) right click the image for the level of security you purchased, “Save Image As..” to your computer, then scp or sftp the file to your server using a client like Filezilla or CyberDuck and insert an img tag into the html source for your site. (2) Copy and paste the html code for the level of security you purchased from a textarea below into your site’s html.


No h4x0rs Allowed


No h4x0rs Allowed!


No h4x0rs Allowed!!