Let’s face it, browsing the internet on your windows mobile phone sucks. Pages aren’t optimized for the screen, most things won’t stream/view correctly, navigating from page to page gets tiresome even when you’re using wifi (the speeds are just not up to snuff), blah blah blah….

Enter the Joey project from Mozilla.

“The premise is this: you can use Firefox to send text clippings, pictures, videos, RSS content, and Live Bookmarks to your phone through the Joey Server. The Joey Server transcodes and keeps all of the content up-to-date. You can then use your phone’s browser or the Joey application on your phone to view and manage what you have uploaded. “

Sounds pretty slick right? Although I love the idea of having a program on my phone to store all my web content in one page, I must say this program is definately in it’s infancy. I haven’t gotten movies or music to work yet, but I’m sure it’s just a matter of time.

I should also mention that I had a lot of trouble getting the software to put on my phone. The option to SMS a link to my phone simply did not work and when the jad to my computer and tried to install it on my phone I kept getting server errors.

So you guys don’t have installation problems here is the link to the Generic Jar for WM5.

Although it’s a very new app and needs a lot of work to improve functionality, it’s definately worth giving a whirl.

To get joey up and running:

  1. Go here and sign up for an account
  2. Install the Firefox plugin
  3. Install the jar on your phone
  4. Start uploading files to your Joey via the new Joey button in Firefox!