After reading my sister’s post about creating mp3 ringtones I decided to put a the Zelda Overworld Theme as my ringtone.

First, I downloaded an mp3 of the Overworld Theme here. They’ve got lots of video game clips, if you’re into that. Here is the complete library they offer.

Next, I had to figure out where ringtones where stored on the Blackjack. You would think Windows Mobile would just let you use anything in your My Music folder, but it’s apparently not that easy. According to the Samsung Blackjack FAQ’s on cingular’s website, you need to put your ringtones in Application Data \ Sounds on your Blackjack.

I use The Missing Sync to connect my Blackjack to my iBook because my phone came with sync software only for windows, not OS X.

Connect your Blackjack using Missing Sync, then mount your phone as a drive. Then, just drag the mp3 folder of your choice into Application Data \ Sounds. Once the file is copied over, just go to Start > Settings > Ringtone on your Blackjack and choose the mp3 file as your ringtone. Now you can jam out to Zelda whenever someone calls. Remember, you need to interrupt the song and answer the call even though Overworld Theme totally rocks.

ps. You can get a black jack phone from amazon for $125, as opposed to $200 from cingular: