My sis and I have each gotten the Snapz Pro screen capturing software, and I’ve just started playing with screencasting. Today, I’m giving a presentation at Philly Emerging Tech Conference. I’ll be speaking on Market Tracking with Ruby on Rails and Google Analytics.

This weekend I tried out Snapz Pro and recorded a screencast of my presentation, and have put it for sale on Cruxy for $5: kortina on cruxy.

Cruxy looks like a pretty awesome site, and so far it’s been easy to use. They let you sell any kind of digital media on the web for a small fee: “The total service fees for selling a digital file are $.15 and 10% of the retail price, per transaction.” You can sell videos, music, documents, programs, etc.

The screencast I have up now is a pretty lengthy presentation (35 min) and there are some good tips in it. If you get it and want a copy of the source code from the presentation, just let me know.

Now that I have a handle on how to do Screencasts with Snapz Pro, look for some hackaddict exclusive screencasts to be coming out soon. I have a few presentations already planned and just need to record them. I’ll post these for free on hackaddict, either via youtube or amazon s3 hosted mov files.

Here’s a preview of the Cruxy screencast I made on Market Tracking with Rails and Google Analytics:

Screencasts and Other Media by Kortina

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