Ain’t No Other on ZonTube

While I was reading this article on the Amazon Web Services blog, I discovered a really cool mashup of Amazon and YouTube. It’s called ZonTube.

The idea is simple. Start by browsing huge catalog of music by artist, album, or genre, or just search the catalog for an artist/album/song. When you find the artist/album you’re looking for, ZonTube brings up a track list, and then makes an ajax request to search YouTube for videos of each track. If there are YouTube videos for a track, a play button appears next to the track name.

Click the play button to view videos of the song. Sweet!

As you can see if you play with this a bit, when you click on a track name, some garbage / unrelated videos come up, but out of the top 6 most of them are usually relevant.

Bottom Line: If you’re searching for a specific video, you may be better off going straight to YouTube. But, if you wanna browse around for videos by genre or artist, give ZonTube a shot.