As a follow up to 3d Printing Basic Tools of the Trade:

  • Netfab STL Repairer - this amazing free little web utility repairs your STLs making sure all the surfaces are connected and the model is solid.  I run all my models through it pre-print. 
  • Painters tape - cover build plate with this to help model sticking and protect plate.  The wider the better 
  • Pallet knife - used to pry the model off the build platform.  Works amazingly well.  I bought mine at local art store, but here's a set of similar ones for cheap on amazon 
  • Rubbing alcohol - use when printing models that have small foot prints to improve sticking.  Using: you rub the build plate (even if it's covered in painters tape) down with this pre-print.  It makes the model stick MUCH better, so it should only be used if you have a model with a small surface area touching the build plate.